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Avada - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - V7.11.5 NULLD

Version: 7.11.5 NULLD

Item cover for download Avada - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


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21 Feb 2024 - Version 7.11.5 NULLD
08 Feb 2024 - Version 7.11.4 NULLED
24 Nov 2023 - Version 7.11.3 NULLED
27 Jul 2023 - Version 7.11.2 NULLED
13 Jul 2023 - Version 7.11.1 NULLED
01 Jul 2023 - Version 7.11 NULLED
06 Apr 2023 - Version 7.10.1 NULLED

- NEW: Added background color and border color hover options to Column element

- NEW: Made dynamic data available for the video preview image option in Video element

- IMPROVEMENT: Limited global color custom HSLA changes to color variables to avoid undefined colors

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed issue leading to fatal error when CoBlocks plugin was installed (Issue was in plugin fixed in their version 3.0.2)

- FIXED: Fatal error happening on update, when Avada Builder is updated before Avada Core was

- FIXED: WC_Order object not always being defined, which causes fatal error on some installs

- FIXED: Usage of Post Cards element in a custom Mega Menu leading to display issues

- FIXED: Fade out motion effect not working in Column element

- FIXED: Lift-up hover and bottom shadow style selection not working in Image element

- FIXED: Hover/active border size option not working in the Menu element

- FIXED: Margin option in OpenStreetMap element not working

- FIXED: Legacy WooCommerce cart page reloading every second update cart button click

- FIXED: Numbers being in incorrect order in Countdown element on RTL sites

- FIXED: Privacy placeholders for embeds not having correct dimensions when video facade option is used

- FIXED: Custom height option in Off-Canvas working for medium and small devices only when set for large

- FIXED: PHP notice on Layouts admin page, when layout order is not already defined

- FIXED: Hover state changes frozen on option change in Live Editor in some cases

- FIXED: Editing a post in Live Editor not applying the corresponding layout correctly

- FIXED: A few styling issues of the Live Editor in RTL mode

- FIXED: Corrected some styling issues of color picker options in Live Editor when using dark mode

21 Dec 2022 - Version 7.9.1 NULLED

- SECURITY: Fixed a remote code execution issue in class-fusion-dynamic-datacallbacks.php, which can only be done through an authenticated user having access to nonces.

- NEW: Added column alignment option to the Image Carousel element

- IMPROVEMENT: Description option of Consent element in Avada Forms now supporting HTML

- IMPROVEMENT: ToC element now auto scrolls to the correct heading ID if one is used in the URL

- UPDATED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.2.1

- ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed a missing form label and the text on the legacy WooCommerce Cart page

- FIXED: Font size adjustments for h2 headings not being correctly applied for several elements

- FIXED: Title element not respecting global style type option leading to unneeded markup being added to the DOM

- FIXED: Color of h2 and h3 headings in Avada Slider being incorrectly white not respecting the set color

- FIXED: WordPress block styles creating borders around Avada Forms (no more need to turn block styles off)

- FIXED: Yoast SEO content analysis incorrectly prepending Avada form notices to the back-end edit screens

- FIXED: Width option of Off-Canvas settings showing several times responsive options shown when not active)

- FIXED: Carousel auto-play causing display issue when fewer elements are available than are set in the number of elements option

- FIXED: Global border width option of Flip Box element not working

- FIXED: Column spacing and margins not always correct when using legacy Container element

- FIXED: Legacy color preset of Button element not working correctly

- FIXED: Post Card Cart element always adding default product to cart even if not all needed attributes have been chosen in product Post Cards

- FIXED: Color reveal animation color being incorrect in the Column element

- FIXED: Avada Forms Radio fields not being selectable correctly

- FIXED: Font size of linked headings being incorrect in Circle Info element when using em as unit

- FIXED: Menu description text not being displayed in the sub-menu items

- FIXED: Mega menu alignment being incorrect when Menu is displayed only in sticky header

- FIXED: Carousels not respecting the maximum columns option if its value is 1

- FIXED: Single blog posts and event tickets boxes not correctly displaying when using The Events Calendar

- FIXED: PHP warning on the WooCommerce shop page when using Post Cards element The Events Calendar being active

- FIXED: Custom icon set icons used in Global Options social icons not working on Social Links and Person element

- FIXED: Image max width option not working in Flip Boxes element

- FIXED: WooCommerce original price strikethrough not being correctly positioned on product rollovers

- FIXED: Anchor links not always closing the Menu element correctly

- FIXED: PHP notice in Lottie element and in Avada Slider

- FIXED: Double slashes in a few asset file paths

- FIXED: Drag & drop ordering changes of Columns not working for mobile mode of the Live Editor

- FIXED: Counter Boxes not displaying correctly in Live Editor when more than 5 columns are used

27 Jul 2022 - Version 7.8.1 NULLED

- NEW: Added possibility to Post Card Cart element to display WooCommerce product variations as part of product post cards

- IMPROVEMENT: Drafted Containers will now be hidden from preview mode in the live editor

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry plugin compatibility issue where product exclusion does not work with layouts

- FIXED: WooCommerce cart and checkout page not being editable in live editor when cart is empty

- FIXED: Default Page Template option not being respected in live editor if being set to 100% width

- FIXED: Page parent value not being shown correctly in live editor

- FIXED: Margin options in YouTube and Vimeo elements leading to videos disappearing

- FIXED: Sticky columns offset applying even, if column is not in sticky mode

- FIXED: Sticky columns not being sticky when first being added to the live editor

- FIXED: Number of columns option in Instagram element not working in responsive versions

- FIXED: Woo Active Filters element title typography options not working

- FIXED: Slashes being stripped from page level custom CSS when using live editor

- FIXED: Syntax highlighting for custom CSS field in live editor being hard to read when using dark mode

- FIXED: Column element transform options not being editable in back-end editor

- FIXED: Tabs with icon on top position being displayed incorrectly

- FIXED: Pasting content to Tabs element in live editor leading to content being duplicated

- FIXED: Tab content of Tabs element in mobile mode being displayed above tabs in live editor

- FIXED: Several tabs in desktop mode displaying at once when changing from mobile mode if mobile mode is set to toggle

- FIXED: Number of items global option for Gallery element, having incorrect default value

- FIXED: Sorting option of Gallery element not always working correctly

- FIXED: No tall design options working correctly for attribute select field in WooCommerce Filter By Attribute element

- FIXED: Frequent disconnection of Mailchimp authentication in Avada Form Builder

- FIXED: Parent element content shown in back-end builder, although not being needed

- FIXED: WooCommrece Featured Product DSlider element changing post order in elements using a query that come below it

- FIXED: Sub-menus in Vertical Menu widget being auto open on load and missing styles when displayed in Off-Canvas

- FIXED: Minor display issue in live editor in Container mask options, if hovering last two settings

- FIXED: Container background color option not live updating in live editor when used as overlay color

13 Jul 2022 - Version 7.8 NULLED

- NEW: Added dark mode to the full UI of Avada Live Builder

- NEW: Added a page structure Navigator to Avada Live Builder for easy navigation through all content

- NEW: Typography sets using global sets will now display the set name on hover in Avada Live Builder

- NEW: Added a preference to have option sub-groups collapsible for easier option management in Avada Live Builder

- NEW: Added an option to set your preferred builder interface (back-end/front-end) for auto-loading

- NEW: Added Instagram element

- NEW: Added WooCommerce Mini Cart element

- NEW: Added WooCommerce Filters element

- NEW: Added background mask and pattern options to the Container element

- NEW: Added sticky columns setup including responsive choices and offset

- NEW: Added transform options to Column element for awesome default and hover effects

- NEW: Added new mobile mode and sticky options to Tabs element and lots of new styling options

- NEW: Added support for Adobe Fonts (Typekit)

- NEW: Added support for filters in Post Cards element including lots of styling options

- NEW: Added masonry layout and isotope support to Post Cards and Post Card Archives element

- NEW: Added load more functionality and load more button styling options to the Gallery element

- NEW: Added sorting options to the Gallery element

- NEW: Added margin options to all suitable elements that did not have them already

- NEW: Added form input validation pattern options to Text, Email, Phone, and Password elements

- NEW: Added options to set a custom invalid form field input notice to Avada Form elements

- NEW: Added z-index options to Column and Image elements

- NEW: Added option to choose if 100% width template should be the default page template

- NEW: Added option to choose the user type for which post views should be counted

- NEW: Improved the close options tab for Off-Canvas and added an option to automatically close after a set time

- NEW: Added alignment, margin, and dynamic data options to Before & After Image element

- NEW: Added dynamic data options to the Image Hotspot element

- PERFORMANCE: Added an option to automatically clear WP's object cache on post save and delete

- PERFORMANCE: Added an option to automatically remove empty element parameters from the post content output

- PERFORMANCE: Portfolio- and FAQ-specific CSS will now be skipped when the CPTs are disabled even if CSS compiler is off

- PERFORMANCE: Removed code specific to older versions of Edge browser from Container and Column elements

- SEO: Added new heading tag selection options to Tab, Toggles, and FAQ elements

- SEO: Added new heading tag selection any typography options to Flip Boxes, Social Sharing, Blog, and Recent Posts elements

- SEO: Added structured data options to YouTube and Vimeo elements

- SEO: Added div to the tag selection of Avada Slider Heading and Caption options

- IMPROVEMENT: Required plugin auto-update note will now be automatically triggered after Avada update

- IMPROVEMENT: Fixed flickering of Avada Live Builder UI when using CSS filter options

- IMPROVEMENT: Slider visibility Page Option now also working correctly on setups using page cache

- IMPROVEMENT: New styling for pagination of Avada's admin page screens

- IMPROVEMENT: Added Avada Forms data to the JS submit event for easier data handling

- IMPROVEMENT: Added prevention of loading loop when global elements reference themselves in element content

- IMPROVEMENT: Changed Button element and Tab element tabs to use inline-flex to vertically center icons and text

- IMPROVEMENT: Added Post Card edit button to Post Card Archives element

- IMPROVEMENT: Minimum spacing of 0 is now possible in Post Cards element

- IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability

- UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0

- UPDATED: Compatibility with The Events Calendar 6.0 Beta 3

- UPDATED: modernizr JS script to version 3.12

- ACCESSIBILITY: Added aria-labelledby attributes to Toggle and FAQ content wrappers

- ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed aria-expanded attribute being incorrect in Faq element

- ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed the landmark for legacy page title bars

- ACCESSIBILITY: Fixed the landmark for the to top button

- ACCESSIBILITY: Changed custom header and footer wrappers to use generic divs, to allow Container element tag selection to create a landmark

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Filter Addons plugin filters being reset when products get sorted

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin not working with layout builder

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed Custom Template for LearnDash plugin not working with layout builder

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed latest version of WooCommerce Paypal plugin causing a fatal error when using the layout builder

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed PolyLang not copying correct term for layout sections when creating copy for secondary language 

- FIXED: JS compiler creating cached JS for each page instead of only pages with different JS components

- FIXED: Container width being wrong interior width is set to site width in a post using a content layout section with container interior width set to 100% width

- FIXED: Custom icons not being applied in Toggles and FAQ elements

- FIXED: iFrame lazy loading option causing video responsiveness to break

- FIXED: iFrame lazy loading breaking Google Maps iFrames

- FIXED: Product in cart icon incorrectly positioned if rollover is disabled

- FIXED: Site width incorrectly changing when using boxed mode and header is disabled

- FIXED: ACF fields added to author profiles not being correctly pulled when using dynamic data in layout sections for author archives

- FIXED: Countdown element being hidden when set to be removed after expiration if countdown is manually set but still active

- FIXED: Image element captions not being hidden when element visibility is removed when using above/below settings

- FIXED: Shortcode generator button missing from TinyMCE in text mode in WordPress 6.0

- FIXED: Button styling issue in Performance Wizard

- FIXED: Font-family change not being correctly saved when running the Performance Wizard

- FIXED: WooCommerce Featured Products Slider and WooCommerce Product Carousel not showing sale and out-of-stock badges correctly

- FIXED: Author name being displayed instead of post title in Post Cards element on author archive page

- FIXED: Section Separator default CSS overriding element CSS when using critical CSS

- FIXED: Old image placeholder markup causing width overflow in some cases

- FIXED: Lightbox not working for posts loaded through infinite scroll in Post Cards element

- FIXED: Lightbox in Image Carousel not working when using dynamic data set to Woo Gallery

- FIXED: Tooltip element having lower z-index than its animated Container parent, hiding the tooltip

- FIXED: Scroll section not always working when a direct link to a specific section is used

- FIXED: Videos not stopping when Modal element is closed if video facade option is used

- FIXED: Default columns not using default column spacing option when editing library containers

- FIXED: Vertical Menu widget not opening sub-menu when current page is part of it, when using custom menu mode

- FIXED: Self-hosted videos not stopping when Off-Canvas is closed

- FIXED: Combine third party CSS files option, when enabled, breaking The Events Calendar Pro V2 views

- FIXED: Font size CSS for headings missing from Off-Canvas

- FIXED: Line breaks in Textblock elements being removed in Off-Canvas

- FIXED: Scroll option still being applied in Off-Canvas, even if overlay is turned off

- FIXED: End date of The Events Calendar events not being considered for multi-day events when only showing upcoming events in Post Cards element

- FIXED: WooCommerce Archive Number of Product Columns option not correctly working in RTL languages

- FIXED: Border-radius of 0px not working in Icon element

- FIXED: Default database submission action in Avada Forms not working, unless explicitly set

- FIXED: Avada Forms saving of POST form submission method not working correctly

- FIXED: Avada Forms POST to URL (non-ajax) not being available

- FIXED: Avada Forms not allowing for empty submission action

- FIXED: Single field placeholders not encoding HTML entities in Avada Forms email notifications

- FIXED: Checklist values not always being correctly displayed in Avada Forms email notifications

- FIXED: Zero as value not working in Avada Forms

- FIXED: Private forms not being shown in the Avada Forms list

- FIXED: Avada Forms upload fields not being sent as links in notification emails

- FIXED: Avada Forms upload field links being displayed as raw HTML in the back-end

- FIXED: Custom Global Typography sets not being applied correctly when set on element base

- FIXED: Set scroller not working correctly in Page Option icon picker option

- FIXED: Tags post meta not being rendered for WooCommerce products in Archive element

- FIXED: Images being double lazy-loaded in the Image element

- FIXED: Point size option being set to 0 not working in the Chart element

- FIXED: WooCommerce Quickview not working correctly, when enabled in Post Card Cart alement but disabled in Global Options

- FIXED: Image element caption Dario not smoothly resizing on browser resize

- FIXED: PHP notice in helpers.php

- FIXED: PHP notice in Button element, when using deprecated shape param

- FIXED: PHP notice in Post Card element when using invalid post type

- FIXED: Fatal error happening in a few cases when connecting to HubSpot

- FIXED: Avada Builder buttons being available on edit screens where the content editor is turned off

- FIXED: Sidebars are not correctly shown when using preview mode in Avada Live Builder and editing a content layout section

- FIXED: Avada Forms Mailchimp script causing a JS error in Avada Live Builder in some cases

- FIXED: Filtering of Page Options not working correctly in Avada Live Builder

- FIXED: Removing a nested column not being recorded as history step in Avada Live Builder

- FIXED: Clear Layout button not working correctly when inserting element and container library items in Avada Live Builder

- FIXED: Rotation animation class being added to title element even if highlight is chosen in Avada Live Builder

- FIXED: Off-Canvass close button interfering with the Avada Live Builder UI

- FIXED: Box-shadow not always being correctly displayed in Avada Live Builder

- FIXED: JS error when moving a Column element into an empty Container element

21 Apr 2022 - Version 7.7.1 NULLED

- NEW: Added a trigger of the HubSpot chat to the dynamic data sources

- NEW: Added Skip Lazy Loading option to the Column element

- NEW: Added Boxed Padding element option to the Social Links element

- IMPROVEMENT: WordPress default custom fields are now available as dynamic data sources

- IMPROVEMENT: Popover content in Image Hotspot element now allows HTML

- IMPROVEMENT: Allow more columns on larger screens in the Avada Studio modal

- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Product Addons plugin causing JS error on the cart page

- FIXED: Events Calendar search bar missing mobile icons for search and filters 

- FIXED: Quick edit links for Avada Forms, Post Cards and Menus not working in back-end editor

- FIXED: Child element content being escaped when editing a sibling in the back-end editor

- FIXED: Tag Cloud element missing taxonomy option on back-end editor

- FIXED: Width of items being incorrect in Social Links element when using font size in ems

- FIXED: Issue in latest version of Event Tickets plugin, causing a fatal error when using the layout builder

- FIXED: Wrong menu item being highlighted when using anchor scrolling

- FIXED: Fatal error happening on PHP 8.1 in image class when images are corrupted and thus don't have dimensions set

- FIXED: Avada Studio import option buttons overlapping the sticky menu in the Setup Wizard

- FIXED: Font size not being based on px not working in Checklist element in live editor

13 Apr 2022 - Version 7.7 NULLED
19 Jan 2022 - Version 7.6.1 NULLED
16 Dec 2021 - Version 7.6 NULLED
21 Oct 2021 - Version 7.5 NULLED
12 Sep 2021 - Version 7.4.2 NULLED

- SECURITY: Fixed XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) issue in breadcrumbs when using bbPress plugin and being on bbPress search page

- SECURITY: Fixed XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) issue in Avada Forms component allowing unescaped HTML form entries to be loaded on the backend

- UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8 (widget screen)

- FIXED: Dimension fields not saving in Global Options

11 Jun 2021 - Version 7.4 NULLED
01 Apr 2021 - Version 7.3 NULLED
16 Dec 2020 - Version 7.2 NULLED
09 Dec 2020 - Version 7.1.2 NULLED
16 Oct 2020 - Version 7.1.1 NULLED
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